- Stress is the normal bodily function to protect and let you survive the danger and threats. 
But are you really in a dangerous or threatening situation?  

Free Anxiety Relief Tools 

It is totally okay to feel stress and anxiety when it's necessary; it is a normal human biological function, however, how long we stay in or how often we provoke the fight or flight response separates people from moving forward or stepping back in life every time we experience stressful event or emotion.  

Here are two free tools you can use at any time, anywhere whenever you need to bring yourself to your breath, ground yourself into the moment, so you can move forward one step at a time.  



68-Second Stress Relief Breathing Meditation

This simple, easy and quick breathing meditation can

calm your mind and nervous system in 68-second.  

Practice with me a few times, and use the breathing technique whenever you need it.  


14-Day Stress Relief
Meditation Course

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